Find a New Heater Core at Our Shop

We offer heater core replacements in Lubbock, TX

Do you have almost no heat in your car? Do your windows fog frequently? You might need a new heater core to get your heating system back up and running again. Beevers Radiator Shop can provide automotive heater core replacement services in Lubbock, TX.

You can call us for a heater core replacement if:

  • ✓ Your heater isn't keeping your car warm
  • ✓ Your heater can't remove fog from your windows
  • ✓ Your heater is leaking sweet-smelling coolant

We can provide a mass-market or custom-made heater core. To get started, call 806-744-0803 now.

Need a heater core for a heavy-duty vehicle?

Need a heater core for a heavy-duty vehicle?

We've got you covered. Our team draws from decades of experience with heavy-duty heater core replacements and repairs, as well as standard and industrial replacements. Reach out to us today for an estimate on automotive heater core replacement services. We'll waive the fee if you schedule service.